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Table of Contents
Software Features
Software Execution
File I/O
Graphical Interaction
The Main Menu Bar
The Tasks Panel
Mesh Visualization
Mesh Interrogation
Mesh Modification
Topological Feature Identification
Boundary Condition Assignment
The Neutral Map File
Contact Information

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 V2K is a multi-purpose, interactive structured mesh tool developed by the GEOLAB of the NASA Langley Research Center. For an externally generated volume mesh, V2K provides facilities which permit

  • visualization of structured meshes,
  • interrogation of meshes for quality assessment,
  • mesh modification via redistribution, redimensioning and smoothing,
  • topological feature identification and
  • flow field boundary condition assignment.
  •  This user's guide provides a comprehensive description of the capabilities provided within the V2K software, their implementaton, and instructions for their proper use.

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