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Volume 2000

Volume 2000 (V2k) is an interactive program written to generate and visualize multi-block structured volume grids. The code reads the surface grids of each block in either GRIDGEN or PLOT3D format. Transfinite interpolation (TFI) an be used to initialize the interior volume grid. TFI can also be used to re-initialize the surface grids from the bounding edge discretizations. Surface grids can smoothed by solving the elliptic grid generation equations with fixed forcing functions. A unique feature of this program is the ability of not only specifying the boundary surfaces of each block but also select internal surfaces. The internal surfaces can be independently initialized and smoothed as with the boundary grids and will provide added control over the developing interior upon generation of the volume interior (basically subdividing the blocks). A check for negative volumes is also provided after the interior initialization. The software is available for SGI and Redhat Linux.

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