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GridTool Class Data Files

The following are the sample data files used in the GridTool training class.
Graphic represents 3D purple bulletGeneric Wing Body
Graphic represents 3D purple bullet IGES file
Graphic represents 3D purple bullet Final Restart file

Graphic represents 3D purple bulletGeneric Business Jet
Graphic represents 3D purple bullet IGES file
Note: Some browsers may fail to treat these files correctly. The files are compressed with gzip. However, the ".gz" extension maybe dropped by the browser when saving the file. Therefore, it may be necessary to add the the ".gz" extension to the file after download. This is accomplished with standard file renaming techniques. Alternatively, some browser/operating system combinations may allow the user to add the extension in the file "Save As..." dialog. The files should then be uncompressed with gzip prior to use.

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