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Table of Contents
Software Execution
GUI Design & Operation
CAD & Geometry
Element Sizing
VGRID Sources
FELISA Sources
Quick-Link Reference

GridEx Tutorials
Geometric Primitives & Solid Operations
Generic Wing/Body - FELISA Sourcing
Generic Wing/Body - VGRID Sourcing
Feature Suppression & Regeneration
Parameter Modification & Regeneration
Transformations & Displacement

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GridEx utilizes the Computational Analysis Programming Interface, CAPrI, from MIT. CAPrI is a vendor neutral Application Programming Interface used to access the subject part's native modeling kernel in order to satisfy general solid modeling requests. In addition to the geometry, the model topology is also provided for use in the mesh generation process.

Please note that CAPrI, as bundled with GridEx, is not usable by other CAPrI based applications. CAPrI is also commercially available from CADNexus, Inc.

CAPrI License

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