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The NASA Geometry Lab Mission

In engineering analysis, a critical component of the numerical solution process is the development of a discrete representation for the physical domain of interest. This discretization into surface and volume grids is required for engineering methods like computational fluids and structural analysis. When dealing with complex configurations, the generation of such grids often accounts for the major portion of the time to solution. The NASA Geometry Lab is a laboratory in the Research Directorate that was created to develop the tools, techniques, and expertise necessary to streamline the grid generation process, and to provide an effective resource to meet the multitude and variety of grid and numerical geometry requirements at LaRC. The capabilities of the Geometry Lab include:
  • advanced CAD and mathematical software to generate high-fidelity surface definitions, surface grids, and volume grids
  • Availability of high capacity workstations on which to develop and visualize the geometry
  • A team of geometry specialists with the expertise to apply the tools and techniques to specific applications

The Geometry Lab operates as an open-shop. Researchers may make direct use of the hardware and software resources. They may also consult with team members to receive assistance with their applications. Some researchers may instead wish to initiate a task request for the Geometry Lab to perform all, or portions of, the geometry development. The services available in the Geometry Lab eliminate the requirement for each researcher at the Center to be a geometry expert, and enables her/him to concentrate on the other aspects of the analysis process.

To insure continued excellence, Geometry Lab personnel also evaluate emerging hardware and software technologies as applied to geometric modeling. They develop special tools and interfaces such as to facilitate the grid generation and analysis process when such tools do not exist elsewhere. The NASA Geometry Lab is committed to the transfer of this developed capability to the research community. In addition to individual consultations, training is given as a means of increasing the general capability of the Center in applying numerical geometry related tools and techniques.

As a result the Geometry Laboratory provides a unique resource within NASA that is being heavily used by LaRC. Past statistics have shown that with the inception of the NASA Geometry Lab, the grid development process has improved more than an order of magnitude over previous capabilities.

More specific information about the Langley Research Center's Geometry Laboratory may be found here. Please look at our FAQ list to efficiently pre-screen your questions.

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