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CATIA installed

Graphic represents CATIA Solutions icon A seat of CATIA CADAM V4.2 has been installed in the Geometry Lab and is now functional.  The addition of CATIA adds to our inventory of high-end CAD software which currently includes ICEM/CFD, Pro/ENGINEER, Unigraphics, and SDRC-Ideas.  This seat rounds out our support of the major commercial CAD vendors.  CATIA V4.2 support by the Geometry Lab will also enhance the ability of  LaRC researchers who work tightly with many of our industry partners that rely on CATIA as their CAD system of choice.  Geometry Lab support of CATIA will help to reduce any loss of detail that can result from the translation of CAD geometry to and from the native system.  The decision to support CATIA V4.2 rather than the newer V5.4 was made in an effort to provide compatibility with current industry practices.  An upgrade path to the newer CATIA V5 is planned to follow along with industry migration.  Geometry Lab staff will undergo training in the use of CATIA V4.2 to maximize the level of support at the center.

Solid Edge installed in the Geometry Lab 

Graphic represents Solid Edge icon A seat of Unigraphics Solutions Solid Edge product has been installed on the GeoNT2 MS Windows NT workstation.  This software is a mid-range solid modeling CAD system designed around the Windows NT operating system and the Parasolid geometry kernel.  Along with the basic Solid Edge seat, an additional automated feature recognition package was purchased.  This extended capability will assist in the import of geometry into Solid Edge by providing the ability to recreate the original features of an unparameterized solid model.

Hardware Upgrades

Graphic represents the Linux logo icon The Geometry Lab has taken delivery of 10 new Dell DimensionTM workstations which will replace aging NCD hardware. The new workstations operate under the Linux operating system and are fully integrated into the Geometry Lab infastructure. This delivery is part of the continuing Geometry Lab effort to maintain the state-of-the-art in computer hardware for our customers and staff.  The new deliveries bring enhanced desktop visualization capability and will serve as development and production resources. In addition, each workstation gives access to standard desktop publishing software via a VMwareTM Workstation virtual machine running Microsoft Windows 2000TM.

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