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Coordinate and Sensitivity Calculator for Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization

The Coordinate and Sensitivity Calculator for Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization CSCMDO is a general purpose multi-block three-dimensional volume grid generator which is suitable for Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization. The code is timely, robust, automated, and written in ANSI "C" for platform independence. Algebraic techniques are used to generate and/or modify block face and volume grids to reflect geometric changes resulting from design optimization. Volume grids are generated/modified in a batch environment and controlled via an ASCII user input deck. This allows the code to be incorporated directly into the design loop. Volume grids have been successfully generated/modified for a wide variety of configurations. Please note that CSCMDO does not provide a direct means of edge meshing and as such, the code is not capable of generating a grid from "scratch" . It does however offer modification and quality improvement capabilities for existing domain discretizations. CSCMDO is being supported and developed by the Geometry Laboratory at the NASA Langley Research Center.

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